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Hello everyone! Today I have a very funny story to start with. Possibly, you may not find it ‘very’ funny but I hope you get the humor in it! So I met my husband Nishant for the first time when he came to visit my family with his family, typical arranged marriage style. When we got a chance to talk to each other privately, I told him that one of my hobbies were eating and everything else related to food. Obviously, not a surprise right?! So he asked me what I can cook. And I said ‘chawal’! Rice. That’s right. He looked at me and his Bhabhi (who was also there) and then both of them looked at me like I am an idiot! Now I don’t blame them at all. Who says ‘I can cook rice’!? I did. That’s how much I love rice.

I can have rice in any form each day every day, without ever getting bored. My mother used to joke around that the reason I like rice so much is because maybe I don’t have any teeth and that’s why I swallow rice without having the need to chew it! Does it make any sense to you?! It made me laugh like crazy every time.

So, till this day, I can confidently say that I can survive on rice solely!

Today’s post is basically about me telling you that I recently bought a rice cooker. I had heard good things about it and wanted to try it myself.


So let me go ahead and tell you about why you should have one too!

  • Reasonable cost – You do not need a high end, super expensive model. All you need is a simple $20 electric rice cooker to begin with. The one I use is a basic rice cooker with just one switch. It has served me quite well till now.
  • Consistency – Your rice will cook consistently and evenly each time. Each grain will be separate from each other and they will not be sticky or mushy.
  • You be at ease! – You don’t have to keep checking while the rice is cooking. All you have to do is measure the rice and the water in the pot, put the lid on and press the ‘cook’ button. That is it! In only a few minutes, you will hear a ‘ting’ and you will have perfectly cooked rice, every time!
  • Rice cooker is smart! -You don’t have to be around the rice cooker once the rice is cooking in it to monitor it or when to turn the heat off once they are done. The rice cooker will automatically switch from ‘cook’ to ‘warm’ and you can go about doing whatever it was that you were doing while the rice was cooking.
  • Frees up burner space – If you are cooking a larger meal, using a rice cooker gets your rice done while freeing up burner space!
  • Steam veggies! -Some rice cookers come with a ‘steamer’ insert which you can use to steam vegetables.
  • Versatile – You can cook all types of rice including brown rice in these. You can make soups and stews also. You can make biryanis or pulaos also in these.

So, these are my perfect reasons to have a rice cooker at home. It just makes your life that much easier and tastier! These are available in various sizes. So you have a huge variety to choose from.

Also, rice cookers make for perfect gifts as well.

If you would like to buy a rice cooker like mine, please click here: BUY NOW

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Till next time…

XO, Sakshi!

*Disclaimer: I will earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation and/ or links to any products that I have mentioned in this post. The opinions mentioned here are absolutely true and are completely honest. These are the products that I like and use myself. If you purchase by following these links, it will help support my work in bringing you more honest reviews and products.

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