Two Things Tuesday – Week 5

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Hello everyone! Another Tuesday is here. And what a beautiful day it is! Summers are in full swing and I am definitely not complaining. Living in a part of the world where it is cold most through the year entitles me to be exponentially excited about the summers, which I am! We welcome the summers here. So, in the middle of this beautiful day, I am here with Week 5 of ‘Two Things Tuesday’!


This past weekend, we all had gone to the ‘Night Nation Run’. This was a music event which involved a run of about 5 kms along the river. The weather was on our side! It was a drizzling mesmerizingly. We had a fun filled evening. Honestly, the ‘fun’ had more to do with the fact that I was with my lovely husband along with a few of our friends. We clicked pictures of our beautiful and scenic Pittsburgh while enjoying the music in the rain. It was a fun time!


A few months back, with the support of my love, Nishant, I had decided to take photography lessons and to take better photographs. So, we invested in a swanky DSLR camera as well. So, I have been trying to read and see photography tutorials and learn something new everyday. In my opinion, learning to edit a photograph also plays a major role in making a pic stand out. That being said, you can’t make a bad photograph look great with editing. Only a ‘good’ photograph can be made ‘great’ with editing. Editing is an enhancement tool. So, this past week, I learnt some new editing techniques which I am really excited about. I hope you will be able to see a difference in a future photography.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. I would love to know the highlights of your week as well..!

Till next time…


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