Two Things Tuesday – Week 4

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Hello everyone! So we are back with another Tuesday! Sometimes, I really wonder whether it is a good thing that the week seems to run by so fast or not really so good. Another week has flown by and I am feeling absolutely ecstatic and grateful for everything happening around me. So, I am going to share my ‘Two Things Tuesday’ for Week 4.


Remember that feeling when you try something new and it turns out great?! The joy and satisfaction you get when succeed at inventing something? Well, I was lucky to be at that pedestal this past week. I had some leftover boiled potatoes. So, I came up with a recipe for stuffed masala buns to use up those potatoes. And boy, did they come out amazing?! I carried out those buns for the picnic potluck that I talked about here. God willing, I would be sharing the recipe soon!


I mentioned a few weeks back that Nishant and I have been trying to play tennis everyday. But it has been raining on and off since a couple of days and hence we are not able to play as often. Add to that, the unbearable heat and humidity on days when it doesn’t rain! So, we decided to visit the gym more often. This past week we visited the local gym and was satisfied with everything. So far, so good! I hope we continue!

What about you? Do you go to the gym? Or do you engage in any other activities to burn those calories!?

So share your feedback and you experiences with me!

Till next time…


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