Two Things Tuesday – Week 3

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Hello everyone! Another week just flew past me! What a great week this was. Specially, the weekend! It was only while talking to my mom in the morning that I realized that today is Tuesday already! And so, I am back today with week 3 of my ‘Two Things Tuesday’. Here are my two pieces for the week!


Like I mentioned earlier, the past weekend was super busy and super fun. Let me mention here that I am not particularly an adventure seeker. I don’t like adrenaline pumping sports or any such activities. I am more of a ‘sit back and relax’ kinda person! So if someone suggests going to something like an amusement park to me, excuse me if I don’t jump around with joy! Don’t get me wrong, I used to go to the amusement park with my family back in India in summer vacations every year. But that was another thing. Going to an amusement park here in the States is somewhat different!

So, this weekend my husband suggested going to Kennywood Amusement Park along with a couple of friends. I, however hesitantly, agreed! More so, because I was more interested in the food there! But. I was pleasantly surprised that I had so much fun there! I had a great time! There was numerous roller-coasters there along a few water rides. There was something for every age group! So. Much. Fun!


I guess I am the only one among my group of friends and relatives to be bitten by a Pokemon! What I am trying to say is, I have downloaded the game – Pokemon Go and I am actually enjoying it. So far so good. Honestly, my husband coerced me to try it and hooked me on!

So these were the highlights of my week. What did you do this week? Have you been to Kennywood Park? Do you enjoy going to amusement parks?

Do share your experiences with me. I would love to know them!

Till next time…

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