Two Things Tuesday – (Week 1)

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Hello everyone! Life is nothing but an amalgamation of things that we love and the choices that we make! Or that is how it is supposed to be! So, I decided to start this weekly feature here on my space where every Tuesday I will share with you two random things that I tried or discovered during the week. It may be a new song that got my attention, a new flavor of coffee or even a new lipstick that I found!

So let’s get right into it!


I don’t think I have ever mentioned here that I am a complete book buff! Let me do that now, I am a complete book buff! And when I say book buff, I mean that I own a lot of books. I am more like a hoarder (not limiting to books though, but that topic is for some other time!). I love collecting books but like most of us, I don’t really read all of them. If I see a book store, I will most likely run into it and come out with atleast one book, if not more! And I can literally spend a whole evening wandering through the store collecting piles of books to buy. So this week, I found a book (among other!) called ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’. A movie made on this book is also releasing soon. Let us hope I finish the book before it releases!

miss peregrine-1

Also, I must mention here that I am actually reading the book and am half way through it. Will update you guys soon!


AND I am going to mention a lipstick here today. (See how I snuck in the mention of lipsticks earlier!). Well, I have probably been living under a rock these past years! How come I did not know about the NYX Nude lip Creams?! If you are like me, AND are a hoarder of nude or skin colored lip products, do check these out! You may fall in love with these just like I did. The one that I got is in the shade ‘sable’ and is a lovely dusty pink shade which is perfect for everyday wear.


Mac Mehr on left and NYX Sable on right
Mac Mehr on left and NYX Sable on right


So, these were the two things that I discovered the past week and thought that I should share with you. I hope I made this as interesting and fun to read as it was for me to write.

I hope you enjoyed this! See you next Tuesday with some more tid bits of my life. I would really love your feedback.

Till next time..

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