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Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I wrote something. Or is it? I guess I last shared something last week only. But seems like a long time anyway! So this weekend was as usual a happening one! I have been lucky these past few weeks that we had something or the other planned. This weekend was no different. This time we took a road trip to a nearby place called Camp Hill. My husband N, had a get together with his office colleagues there on Saturday. So, we started on Friday evening along with a couple of our friends. Don’t we all love road trips!? I certainly do!

Pennsylvania, no doubt is a beautiful state. So was our drive to Camp Hill. Summer is in full bloom and nature is in full bounty! The trees along the road side are as green as they can be! The skies are as clear as they can be! The clouds are as luscious as they can be! Summers dont last long here. So we have no choice but to rejoice this wonderful weather. And what better way to enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty of Pennsylvania than a road trip.

Luckily, this time I remembered to carry my camera with me. So I was fortunate to click some photographs along the way. The weather, the skies, the clouds were on my side, I guess!

Here are a few of the photographs that I clicked. I hope you like them.

road trip to camp hill
When the trip had just started! A few miles outside of Pittsburgh.
road trip to Camp Hill
The windmills along the way!
road trip to camphill
Just when the sun was about to go down

camp hill-4

camp hill-5

road trip to camp hill
One of the many tunnels on the way.
camp hill-8
The next day on our way back.
road trip to camp hill

camp hill-10

road trip to camp hill

I hope you liked these photos. And I hope to remember carrying my camera the next time I travel!

Till next time..

XO, Sakshi!

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