Today I share with you a demonstration of ‘how to make Besan ke Laddoo’. This version, which is a very easy one, is my favorite and every one of my friends who have tried this, love it! A perfect dish for Indian festivals or any special family occasions or even for times when you want to reminisce your childhood memories!

Hello everyone! When I got married two years back, I didn’t know much about cooking. I had always been very interested in food as such but due to the pleasures of life before marriage, I never really got to much of cooking. So it was after my marriage that I began to make the most basic things. Roti, for example! Believe me, I got the shape and texture right in my second roti only. It was a moment of joy for me. And I shared a photo of that roti with my family back home. And so began my journey of documenting my food.

One day, my best friend who is a blogger herself, insisted that I should start my blog and share those food photos on it. Initially, I was reluctant but I did what she asked of me because she said so!

And soon I honestly started enjoying sharing my food with everyone.

Here I am, after about 1 and a half years of blogging. Doing what I love the most!

On the insistence of my friends, I have dived into YouTube. The recipe that I share today is BESAN KE LADDOO.

This is the same recipe that I shared in my past post – Besan Laddoo. Click on this link to find the written recipe.



Please watch the video and share your feedback.

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Thank you for stopping by.

XO, Sakshi!

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video besan ke laddoo
video besan ke laddoo
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