Picnic – In the midst of nature in Laurel Hill State Park

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Hello everyone! How have all of you been? How did you spend the weekend? My weekend was super fun and super busy. We went for a picnic to Laurel Hill State Park with a few of our friends and had a great time there! We even organized a potluck. After all, what picnic is complete without a potluck!? So preparing the food, the picnic kept me busy through the weekend and hence away from the blog.

picnic 1


Anyway, I have been noticing since the past couple of weeks that for me, time has been really flying. Every week, at least once, I have to pinch myself in order to register the correct day of the week! Too much happening, too much stuff buzzing through my head! So I figured, I am in dire need of some unwinding and slowing down. And what better unwinding than spending time with your friends on a picnic in the middle of nature with home cooked food?


We reached Laurel Hill State Park at around 1 PM. We quickly and luckily, found two benches under some trees and spread out our lavish food. We had Vegetable Cutlets, Chilli Manchurian, Chhole Chawal, Vegetable Noodles, Vegetable Biryani and Gulab Jamun. Well, doesn’t that sound lavish for a picnic!?

After lunch, we decided to go to the Jonas Run Mill Dam which was about a 40 minute drive from there and then another 20 minute hike from the parking lot. It was beautiful and so scenic. None of us had envisioned it to be so calming and beautiful. Even the hike was not so difficult. It was a beautiful walk through the woods. Take a look for yourself!







What a refreshing and comforting weekend getaway it was! Wouldn’t you agree with me? I hope you enjoyed these photographs!

How did you spend your weekend? Do share with me!

Till next time…


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