My visit to Washington, D.C. – A true amalgamation of history and the ‘modern’

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Hello friends! How has the weekend been for all of you? Well, for me it wasn’t as good as I wished it would. Unfortunately, the rain gods have played spoilsport this weekend, thanks to which the temperatures here have gone down a bit. We had planned to go to Lake Erie but with such chilly weather and rains, it just did not make sense. Summer here is about to end and fall is just around the corner. Although I am sad that summer is ending, the thought of seeing the beautiful fall colors followed by the winter snow makes me really excited too..! Believe it or not, I have never seen snow fall! So you may be able to imagine how excited I am!

So, this weekend was a bummer. But last weekend was a long one with labour day falling on Monday. Husband and me, we headed to Washington, D.C. which is only a 4 hour drive from where we live. The weather was beautiful, nice and sunny. Washington, being the capital of America is full of history, amazing architecture and loads and loads of museums on one hand and equally modern culture on the other hand. It was only a two day trip and was just enough for us to cover the major museums. I am a major-ish history and architecture buff (also a big Dan Brown fan!). So I was excited like a little kid, ‘yoohoo-ing’ and ‘yaaayy-ing’ at the top of my voice while in the car on our way towards D.C.  Poor husband!

On the first day, we visited the National Gallery of Art. If you plan to visit, you need at least 4-5 hours and a good pair of comfortable shoes. There would be a lot of walking. Keep a bottle of water with you! There are a couple of in-house cafes where you can get decent food. Be sure not to over-stuff yourself. You need energy and not overeating! There is an array of incredible and beautiful paintings there. I would surely recommend this museum.


After exploring the art, we headed to the National Air and Space Museum. You can find stuff about the Wright brothers, the satellites, information about the planets and a lot of similar things here. This would be specially interesting for the kids. They have an IMAX theater inside where you can see movies such as ‘journey to the stars’, ‘mission to Mars’ and so on. 3D movies are also available there.

This was it for us for the day. Dinner was at ‘Skydome’ – the only revolving rooftop restaurant in Washington. The view from here was amazing. The food was pretty good too.

After dinner, we went to the Lincoln Memorial and sat there in the night light looking at the Washington Monument and the Capitol Building which fall in one straight line. Here are a few pictures,



This is the view of the Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial.


Next morning we visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Honestly, it was a very sad but moving experience for me. Before this, I did not know much about the holocaust but I am very happy and proud that I visited the museum and got the opportunity to know about the real life experiences and hardships that the people suffered during that time. I would say, this was the best time of my entire trip. It invoked my curiosity and got me interested in the topic. I have even bought books now to read more about it. I would recommend this museum to everyone who is visiting Washington.


This is a picture gallery of all those people who died during the holocaust.

Our last stop in Washington was The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Once again, this is also a must visit place. The Basilica is huge. It is the largest Catholic Church in the U.S. and the tallest habitable building in Washington, D.C. It is BEAUTIFUL. I cannot stress enough how amazingly beautiful the interior of this church is. It is just magnificent. You have to be there to experience it. It was an almost surreal experience. The enormity of it and the interiors just transport you to an altogether different tangent. I thank myself that I put this on my itinerary. Must must visit!







Luckily, the weather gods were on our side. It was sunny and breezy all along. All in all I had an amazing experience. If you are planning a short trip like me, these 4-5 places are a must visit.

Have you visited Washington, D.C.? If yes, please let me know in the comments below of any other places that I should visit on my next trip. I loved the city and would surely go there again!


P.S. On our second day, we had lunch at an Indian restaurant – ‘The Bombay Club’. I will be doing a review for the same soon. Stay tuned!

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