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Hello everyone! A few months back, we bought ourselves a digital SLR camera. Actually, I thank my husband who kind of bought it as a project for me. So that I could explore more of my love for taking photos and in turn grow, not just as a photographer but more importantly as a blogger. So, I almost took it as a responsibility to better my skill and learn as much and as early as I could. The past few months, I was ‘grilled’ by my best friend about picking up the camera and doing something with it each day without fail. I knew it was a good piece of advice but being a procrastinator and a lazy bum, I just never actually went ahead and did that. I would find myself getting frustrated over not being able to get the results that I wanted in my photographs. I have been reading a lot of blogs and websites related to photography, food photography specifically and I have not come across one blog which does not advocate the benefits of clicking everyday and playing with your camera. Finally, I got over my head and got up with the camera and decided to do this. I knew there was no turning back!

Project 365, as I am sure you would be aware of already. If you are not, let me give you some idea. Basically, I am going to click and post a picture everyday. It could be anything that I click. Wherever I go, my camera is going to be with me for the next 365 days.

That’s the jist! That’s what the real aim is.

I am going to play with my camera, the settings, the lighting, everything. I am sure after these 365 days, I will come out a better photographer. I own Canon 80D, you can find it here.

Everyday, you will see me posting one picture. Wherever necessary, I will be describing the scene as much as possible. I would really appreciate if all my friends and readers would give me their feedback. I am doing this for improving my skill and I know there is no better way to do that than with constructive criticism and feedback.


What you see in the photograph above is the amazing time at around evening, when the sun has just set and is leaving a beautiful orange tinge against the rapidly growing dark sky. The tiny dot/light which you see in the middle of the picture just above the wires is an airplane. I love how this photo turned out, beautiful colors of the sky. I love the contrast.

I hope you liked the photograph. I would love to hear your opinion.

Till next time…

XO, Sakshi!

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