Miami Day 2 – Chilling at South Beach

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Hello everyone! Hopefully you have read my last post where I described how and under what circumstances I went to Miami last month. If you haven’t, click here. This post is just a continuation of that. I am going to tell you how I spent the next day in the most happening beach city (in my opinion!) – MIAMI!

miami day 3 a

To lay a little groundwork, let me share my theory which I have deduced over years of calculation and thought. There are 2 types of people in the world – the mountain people and the beach people. OK, hear me out! Every nature loving human being can basically be categorized into one of the two groups. You want to test this? Ask yourself this. Let us assume you are given an opportunity to have a week-long vacation. You are given a choice between a hilly vacation-spot, a beach town or a no-beach-no-hills-commercial-only city where you can do lots of shopping, clubbing and the likes. Well, if you chose the third option, you probably do not fall under the study! If you didn’t choose the third option, you are most likely a nature bum and probably one of the two – a hilly bum or a beach bum! And I probably invented a new term – hilly bum! Haha!

So hoping that I convinced you about my theory, I will tell you without a shadow of a doubt that I am a total beach bum. Having said that, I should also mention that this may be because, all through my growing up years, I have had lots and lots of vacations but all of them were in the mountains. As for the beaches, the first time I ever set my foot on a beach was in 2012 when I went to Goa with my friends! Hence, I grab every opportunity since then to go to a beach and relax under an umbrella on the shore and forget the rest of the world! Who doesn’t love the sound of the ocean, right?!

Coming back to Miami, our second day started with a hearty breakfast in our hotel – Hilton Cabana. Quickly after the breakfast, we got ourselves ready and went straight to the South Beach. Oh my lord! I fell in love with the strip at there. There is literally the ocean on your one side and the strip with a stream of restaurants and music on the other side. The vibe was unlike anything else I had ever experienced. It was amazing. People were chilling in the most stylish beach attire, having drinks and food on the strip. There were only smiles and positive energy around. I mean what else would you expect in a place where people are only having fun and enjoying themselves surrounded by great music and the sea breeze!? Right, only happy vibes!

miami day 3_

It was so refreshing! Especially for a vacation, Miami was the perfect spot for me. We slathered upon lots of sunscreen and sat under the umbrella for about 2-3 hours, listening to the soothing sounds of the sea. Those moments are my happy place! There is something undeniably magically relaxing about the sea breeze. Wont you agree!?

At around 3-4 pm, we headed back to the hotel and grabbed a pizza on our way. We relaxed a little in our room and then around 6-7 pm, we headed back to the South Beach. After some thrift shopping there, we sat down at one of those restaurants on the strip and had some calamari and zucchini fritters over a few drinks. Such chilled out vibes! I could go there every month!

miami day 3 b

Before retiring back to the hotel, we took one last stroll at the beach. We decided to have dinner in bed while watching a few episodes of ‘Forensic Files’ and dozed off quickly after such a relaxing day. I remember sleeping like a baby that night!

So that was how I spent my day 2 in Miami. Total unwinding, total relaxation!

Stay tuned for more!

Till next time…Enjoy!

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