MIAMI 2016 – DAY 1

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Hello everyone! Today I am sharing with all of you why and how I spent my time in Miami this June! So to give you all a little background, I will begin by telling you that my birthday falls on the 1st of June and this year my husband decided to be an extra big sweetheart and gave me one of the biggest surprises he has ever given me!


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Birthday. In my experience everyone has a slightly different view about how one should deal with birthdays. Some may argue that there is really nothing special about birthdays, it is only but another day in the year, and after all why celebrate getting older! Well, in my humble opinion, birthdays should be celebrated as the most special day in one’s life. In this day and age, when everyone is hustling around trying to fit their lives in the routines, finding one day when you can truly make someone feel special and break the monotony is the best excuse to bring a smile to their faces! I don’t like feeling good, said no one ever! So in my capacity, I try to do as much as possible to make the birthday person feel special and make them happy. There is a rule in my household (obviously brought about by me!), that the birthday person would live that day as the QUEEN/ KING for the day. No one would deny them anything, no one would fight with them or argue with them and they will get what they demand! What they say, would be done! And I would be very proud to also mention here that I have been very successful in implementing this very simple but truly powerful rule in my life till now!


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So last year, on my birthday, since it was the first one after I got married, my husband surprised me at midnight by inviting all our friends with a cake and flowers. This was followed by the surprise gifts that he had got for me. We spent our day getting two tattoos each and then a lovely dinner at my favorite – The Cheesecake Factory!


tattoo promise 2


tattoo promise 1


So this year it was a little different. I had pleaded with my husband and threatened him to not give me any expensive gifts! But him being him, when we had all of our friends with us at midnight, he disclosed that we are going to Miami and have to catch the flight the coming afternoon! What!!!? Yes! Imagine a girl’s emotions! Birthday, no preparation for a MIAMI trip, no mental preparation and no announcement to the rest of the family and friends back in India! And on top of all this, I was supposed to sleep after hearing this news and then wake up next morning and pack everything while getting ready with my phone hanging between my ear and shoulder! Picture me running around the house trying to get things done with a phone constantly ringing with people trying to wish me on my special day! Phew! I hope you get the picture.

So basically, we went to Miami on my birthday as a surprise for me! My husband has been there twice already so he had already made all the necessary reservations and had a pretty good idea as to what to do and how to unwind! So thanks to him, I did not have to worry about planning about what we would do there. I just woke up in the morning, showered, spoke to my family back in India and packed whatever I imagined would work best with a city like Miami.


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We reached the airport around 12:30 pm and waited for our flight which was at around 2:30pm. Boarded the flight, reached Fort Lauderdale which is about one hour drive from Miami. At the airport, we rented our car – a burgundy convertible Ford Mustang! Superb idea! We had our reservations at Hilton Cabana Miami Beach. Mind you, my birthday is still going on and its just about 8:30pm when we reach our room. Hilton Cabana is a beautiful property having its own pools and beautiful views. They have a couple of restaurants on the property and the hostess offered us 4 free cocktails in lieu of my birthday! Yay!

We quickly got ready for my birthday dinner and went to this amazing pasta place called Café Prima Pasta. Along with a sangria, I ordered a Malanzana Parmigiana (slices of eggplants baked with parmigiana cheese). It was delicious. As Indians, I think we don’t give due importance and respect to eggplants as a delicious vegetable. Coming to the States, I have discovered that eggplant can be glamorous if it really wanted to! So for main course, we ordered Spaghetti Gamberi (whole wheat pasta with shrimp in a fresh pomodoro/ tomato sauce) and Chicken Marsala (chicken breasts sautéed with mushrooms and marsala wine). The food was delicious and the service was also great! The ambience was so fun and laid back. Just perfect for a romantic dinner date! We had a really good time and enjoyed our food thoroughly!


miami food1


miami food2



It was time to head back to our hotel. So that was how my birthday happened this year!

There is more to this trip!

What happened the next day, I will be sharing you next time!


So till next time, enjoy!

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