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Hello everyone! I believe each day can be a beautiful and satisfying day if you only look at it with the right frame of mind. Every morning when you wake up, give yourself at least 10 minutes before you get off your bed and get on with the day. In those 10 minutes, sit on your bed with your eyes closed and think of all those things that you are grateful for. Think of how happy and nice things are going to happen in the day. Trust me, after doing this for a couple of days, your days will definitely be better than what could have been. You will feel inclined to recognize and appreciate the little joys of life!

I have tried to practice this since the last few months and I have honestly seen such a huge difference in my mindset and approach to things! I have become calmer and more appreciative of things going on around me. I am feeling much more centered, much more productive and more importantly, more joyful!

What are the ‘joys of life’?

You know I love to cook. And I know I am just a beginner and have only started to cook recently. Before my marriage, I cooked only about once a month. Now that I have been cooking more regularly, say about 2 times a day, I have started to enjoy even the smallest things about cooking and food! Each time I cook something delicious, I get as excited as I probably did the first time I made it!

Food and cooking are two of my joys of life!

The latest addition to the list of ‘joys’ is a Black+Decker rice cooker that we bought last month. I had heard that making rice in a rice cooker results in 30% better results. And it does! I have been making boiled rice in it for the last month and today I decided to try making pulao in it.

joys of life

I made chicken and veggie pulao yesterday. I prepared all the masala on regular stovetop and then transferred all the contents to the rice cooker before adding rice. They turned out so delicious! They were the most delicious pulao I have ever had in my life! And I am not even exaggerating!

Here is another picture of my pulao. The recipe for the same will be shared soon!!

So, that was the highlight of my day yesterday! That was yesterday’s ‘joys of life’ for me!

How was your day? What things contribute to your joys and happiness?

Till next time…

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