Key West – Day 3 Miami trip

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Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great weekend. Today I am going to continue to tell you about the day 3 of my trip which began in Miami but ended in Key West. If you have not read my previous two posts about Day 1 and Day 2, go check it out here and here. Day 3 was a particularly exciting day for me! Read on to know more!

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My previous day was a pretty tranquil, relaxing and fun day. If you by any chance are wondering that maybe I forgot to mention any fun thing in my last post, let me explain a little! Maybe, I forgot to mention that we went to a pool party or that we grouped up with a couple of people and went clubbing. The reason I did not mention any such thing is because these things never happened and do not conform to my definition of fun. I am not a party person, I don’t go clubbing and I do not like crowded places! So my idea of fun is exactly what I did the past two days as mentioned in my last two posts! I love sitting on the beach, with a book in my hand or eyes closed and literally seeing my thoughts turn pretty and happy. It leaves me pretty happy! I call THAT fun! This third day of my trip was no different!

Key West is about a 4-hour drive from Miami. This drive is one of the major selling points of Key West. Key West is basically an island city and is a part of the Florida Keys. It is the southernmost point of the state and lies roughly 90 miles from Cuba. Though this is an island, you would not find many beaches here. It is not known for its beaches. Key West is famous for its coral reefs and therefore a perfect destination for adventure seekers to do diving and snorkeling. Since we had done our research and also since this was my husband’s third time in Key West, we knew what to expect and what to do to suit our preferences!

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Now, as I mentioned earlier, the drive from Miami to Key West is truly the exciting part. You pass through tiny islands which are connected by long and narrow freeways. A two lane highway where the maximum speed limit is 40 miles an hour. But this is actually the best part about it. You are on a freeway doing not more than 40 miles an hour and you literally do not have to worry about people overtaking you or signals for that matter! You can drive stress free at a constant speed without having to worry about such things.

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This freeway is practically running over the ocean. It is unbelievably exciting and picturesque. There is vast stretches of ocean wherever you look. You have to experience it to believe what a an exciting drive this was! Even after about 4 + hours of driving, we did not feel the least bit tired. Of course, you can find plenty of restaurants and convenience stores on regular intervals as and when you pass through a stretch of land.

We reached our hotel – Courtyard by Marriott in Key West at about 4 pm. The property was easily accessible and very beautiful. They offer a pick and drop service to the market place for the guests. So we quickly, refreshed ourselves and took one of these buses and went to the market for some lunch! You can find hundreds of restaurants offering a variety of sea food and cuisines. There was something for every palette. There was music everywhere. Jazz music, country music, loud music, live music! You name it, you have it there! So we found ourselves a cozy seafood joint and ordered some mahi mahi sliders and the seafood grilled platter over a couple of drinks. It may sound repetitive but the vibe was so chilled out and fun. Positivity ran through the air! Even in such humid and hot environment, people seemed to have a lot of fun and were unscathed by the heat!

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We talked and lazed over the drinks and finished everything up with a slice of the key lime cheesecake. Apparently, key lime cheesecake is a specialty there and practically every restaurants has one on their menu! I give it a thumbs up, definitely a must try.

After the food, we took a little stroll among the narrow lanes and breathed in the smell and sound of the sea before going back to our hotel. When we reached our room, we realized that our bodies were literally pulling us to the bed. Our minds were refreshed but our bodies needed some rest after a full day of travelling!

Since it was already pretty late, we decided to pick up a pizza from a nearby domino’s. But before that, my husband suggested we take our conversations to the pool. How could I say no to that? What followed was an hour or so of mindless conversations and jokes in the warm soothing water of the pool which eventually made sleep come easy once we reached back to our beds! What a beautiful end to a beautiful day!

Looking back at that day, I can still feel the thrill of travelling over the picturesque and beautiful ocean. Oh how I love the ocean!

So this was how I spent the third day of my trip. But do you know about another really famous tourist spot in Key West?! Tune in tomorrow to know more.

By the way, have any of you visited Key West? If so, do share your experiences with me.

Till next time..!

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