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Have you ever wondered what would the world be like if we were still living in caves, eating only raw vegetables, only plain raw milk, only fruits straight from the trees..!?! Thank God, man created means to cook our food, to make it delicious using spices and all the gadgets along with making it look luscious and appetizing ,making us drool even by a mere tantalizing thought of our favorite dishes..!

To tell you the least (if you couldn’t guess it already!), I am a passionate foodie. Food has been my first love. Everything in my life has always revolved around what-I-would-eat-in-the-next-meal! I gobble like a swine and my mouth waters with the slightest mention of anything delectable, which mind you is pretty much everything! Of late, the moment I eat something in a restaurant or someone’s home, my mind starts analyzing as to how this dish must have materialized, what all ingredients must have been used and all that..! For as long as I can remember, I have had my mom and my dad cook, equally passionately, producing food to die for. I have been surrounded by people who live to eat (did I tell you guys that I am a true blue Indian..!?!). Hence, my love for cooking and eating.

I am also a travel enthusiast and have just only arrived in the US of A..! I have a few close friends back in India and needless to say, they share my interest in food, photography and fashion.

So this is going to be MY LAND, where I will be sharing my love for food, everything that I cook and all things fun (restaurants, travel and fashion included!). I hope my recipes would help some of you who like simple food, good flavours and mouth watering delectables..!

P.S: If you are wondering why ‘A Hint of YELLOW’, yellow is my favourite color. Not only is it the color of sunshine, but also screams happiness and can perk up the dullest of moods.

Happy blogging!

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