How to get through a Bad day

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Hello everyone! Don’t we all have those really bad days when we feel completely lost and defeated? I do. We all do. It may come to you because of a stressful day at work or just some general stuff, but it comes nevertheless, to all of us. The last time that happened to me was a few days back. So, I gathered up all the courage in my body that day and sat down and compiled these few points that I think may help me and you to get through the next bad day you have! Just keep on reading.

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  1. Go out for food with other people! – Well, whether we want to accept it or not but food does bring us comfort. Sometimes, all you need is just some comfort! I am not advocating that it is the right approach to a bad mood, but it works. Just going out for food with at least one other person is a good idea to boost your mood. For me, by the time I sit down and look through the menu, I am already feeling better. If not food, go out for a coffee. Now, you will have to exercise some judgement and not make this a habit! This is a good idea only if you have a bad day once in a blue moon.
  2. Set some goals – I find that sitting down and assessing your goals and expectations really help sometimes. Most of the times, our bad mood is due to non fulfillment of our expectations – from life and people and situations. So refocusing our energies and reassessing the goals that you set for yourself really help. What you need to do is write down on a piece of paper what your short term goals are. This will give you a sense of what you have achieved in the past few days. I believe breaking down your long term goals into shorter day to day goals helps you better. You get small satisfactions every day. The feeling of a small success will surely add to your efforts in getting in a better mental space.
  3. Clean and organize – When you are cleaning and organizing your surroundings, you are literally making space for newer things to come. Decluttering your surroundings gives you a sense of calm and control, which is all we really need sometimes! Looking at my made up bed or an organized kitchen counter after a bad day makes me feel ‘Yes, I may have a few things that are beyond my liking and control but my bed is made and no one can take that away from me!’. It may seem trivial to some but works for me!
  4. At home pampering – After a long and stressful day, you deserve to give yourself a bit of pampering. Switch on some calming music, put on a face mask, order Chinese food and sip on some wine/ coffee if you please! Close your eyes and let the negativity and stress melt away.
  5. Talk to a close friend – I have come across a lot of people who go through some stressful times of their lives all alone. They never share nor discuss their problems with anyone, not even their close friends. Because they are too scared or hesitant or egoistic about seeming weak. I say, gather the courage to talk to some one who knows you well. Talking to my best friends has time and again pulled me through horrible days. A friend helps you put things in perspective, even when you are over-analyzing everything.
  6. Have a hobby – Doesn’t matter what it is. Singing, reading, cooking; find something that you purely enjoy. You will definitely look forward to finding time to do that and in that moment you would be able to do distract your mind from the negativity and help you become a well rounded human!
  7. Exercise – This will seem like a cliché but exercising definitely helps you feel better. You release endorphins while exercising and endorphins make you happy. Find a type of exercise that you enjoy. A brisk walk in the park, a jog, a gym workout, aerobics classes or cycling or some sport. Find something that you like and enjoy it!
  8. Get outside – A lot of times when you are feeling crappy, going out is the last thing you want to do. But just a few minutes of fresh air can do wonders to your state of mind.

I hope these pointers will help you too! I will for sure remember these the next time I get trapped in such a situation.

What do you do to get through a bad day? Do share with me in the comments.

Till next time…

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