Desi Ghee/ Clarified Butter – Food Talk Friday

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Hello everyone! These past few days, I have been on a spree to take my passion seriously and have been trying to pen down my thoughts everyday on my website. I love this job and I plan on making it more interesting for me and for everyone who reads it. Food Talk Friday is going to be a weekly feature here and Desi Ghee/ Clarified butter is what I am going to talk about today.


We all have some or the other things in life that we take for granted, especially in our growing up years. Desi ghee/clarified butter has been one such thing for me. In Indian cuisine, desi ghee is one of the most, if not THE most sought after ingredient. And very rightly so! The aroma it exudes, the flavor it renders to any dish is incredible. Any dish, be it a simple dal or a boring khichdi or even something as glamorous as butter chicken. Desi Ghee has the power to elevate the flavor profile of any and every dish! Safe to say, Desi ghee is no less than ‘magic’.

Being from a punjabi household, my family has been dunking food in desi ghee like no ones business! Every dish would either be tempered in ghee or ‘garnished’ with ghee. My family has never used store bought ghee and have always made fresh desi ghee at home with leftover sweet cream. I remember my mom making ghee every month using the ‘malai’ leftover from the milk. Back in those days, I hated the ‘smell’ of ghee making. I used to stay away from kitchen on days when ghee was being made! But gone are those days, and I finally grew up and got married. Now I am managing my own kitchen and trying to make better choices for my family.


Living in the States, Desi ghee is easily available in Indian grocery stores. I used to buy some for the first few months but soon a friend of mine introduced me to an easy way to make ghee at home. So I have been doing that since the past few months. The smell that I used to run away from, now I see it as a measure of authenticity. The aroma, the fragrance is what indicates to me that the ghee I make myself is nothing but exactly what my mom used to make. Initially, I was intimidated about making it on my own since I had seen my mother standing in the kitchen watching over it so that it would not burn. But the method I use here is a little different from my mom’s but is easier and gives the same result!

Ghee is basically made from butter and therefore is a pure combination of fats minus the milk solids found in butter. Apart from the taste factor, following are some of the benefits of using ghee:-

  • Contains omega 3 s which are the good fats.
  • Contains medium chain fatty acids which can be processed by liver and burnt as energy, not passing into adipose tissue or contributing to weight gain.
  • Ghee is practically dairy free and therefore can be good for lactose intolerant people.
  • Contains butyric acid which has shown to decrease inflammation, especially of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Is rich in Vitamin A.


So all this said, do remember that ghee is still a combination of fats despite the health benefits. Therefore, should be used in moderation!

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