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Some days are just different. Penning down your thoughts is especially difficult on some days. And sometimes, these ‘some days’ may last a few days. As I grow older, I think I have realised that the best way to deal with such days is to get it out of your system. Hello everyone. As I write this, I am wondering whether I should start this post with such ‘non-bright’ feelings or whether I should just let these thoughts grace my personal diary. But I guess as humans, we all go through such emotions and I think that it is ABSOLUTELY OK TO SHARE.

I am sure a lot of you reading this must be wondering why I am in such a mood and what is going wrong with my life. The answer to all that is – everything is going fine. Being melancholic and gloomy is a normal emotion and everyone goes through it. Some people admit it, some don’t. Some people like to talk about it, some don’t. And that is absolutely fine. I choose what I do, you choose what you do.

I would like to believe that this is nothing more than a writer’s block of sorts. For the past few days, I start each with the resolve to put up a new post on my blog or maybe click some more photos. But the moment I sit to actually do something, I am swept away by this overwhelming sense of underperforming (more on that in a few minutes). My thoughts get so mumbled that I am not able to put one word down. So after about a week of trying, I decided to write whatever is coming to me naturally.

These past few days, I have become increasingly driven to better myself as a food photographer. My days are spent browsing through the galleries of Foodgawker. As I look through the amazing food photos published by the amazingly talented people out there, I get more and more overwhelmed. I start second guessing myself. Doubting whether I will ever be able to get as good as all of those pictures. Doubting whether I have it in me to get good at this. but somehow I gather the courage and pull myself up. Wondering about the future is not going to help me much, I realise. What really can help me is picking up my camera and start clicking. Firmly believing in myself is my only shot at getting better.

So, I put my thoughts here in the hopes of clearing all the clutter from my mind and opening new doors. With a positive mind, I hope to write and share my work because that’s what I truly love!

Plus, this weather! I love sunny days. I am not a huge fan of rains and gloomy days. It makes me very very sad and gloomy myself. You can guess by now that the weather here is not to my liking. I crave for sunshine. And sunshine is very hard to get here. The weather does have a huge effect on my moods, apparently!

Sincerely, waiting for summers!

Do any of you also go through such moody days? And how do you deal with them? I could use all the inputs and help!

Till next time,

XO, Sakshi!

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