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Hello everyone! Travelling is another love of my life. Just as much as I love cooking, travel is what keeps the monotony at bay! Luckily, I got married to Nishant who is equally passionate about travelling. An extra thanks goes out to him because he is the driver on each of our trips (I don’t drive!). So, it is his courage that he takes on such long and tiring trips without flinching even once. After moving to Oregon, I wasn’t particularly thrilled about the weather conditions here. Because it practically rains every day, EVERY SINGLE DAY! Me no likes. So to pep me up, my dear husband planned this day trip to Mount Hood. The huge, ever present (you can see it from where I live) snow clad potentially active volcano that seemed like a really good getaway from the constant rain!

mount hood

Mount Hood is Oregon’s highest mountain and is located about 50 miles east-southeast of Portland. It was about a three hour drive from where we live. To my surprise and elation, the sobby rainy weather suddenly changed to sunny as we entered the mountain area. There was snow everywhere but the weather gods were on our side. It was a beautiful sunny day and everything just looked prettier in the bright and cold environment!

In full disclosure, I had not done my research well and was not wearing appropriate shoes. I wasn’t really prepared for so much snow. I wish I was. I could have played in the snow some more.

We had skiers all around us. The parking lot was full. And we were hungry. I was a little nervous about the food because I had already started my keto journey. We were pleasantly surprised to find the Timberline lodge there.

Timberline Lodge is a mountain lodge on the south side of Mount Hood. It was constructed in the 1930s and therefore has an amazing old school charm to it. I had seen nothing like this ever before. This place is perfect for dining in, weddings, staying in and even shopping. Luckily for me, we could find some keto friendly food too. Which was super delicious! All this while we were sitting by the window gazing at the gigantic snow covered and bright Mount Hood. It was a really good feeling.

After clicking some mandatory pictures, and after a day well spent, we headed back home. We promised each other we will come back soon. In better shoes!



mount hood

Till next time,

XO, Sakshi!

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    • Hi Tara! Thank you for stopping by and Thank u for the compliment! Luckily, the restaurant we went to had a few options which I could customise. I had an entreé which had some macadamia nuts, slow roasted chicken thigh, vegetables and some saurkraut. It was delicious. The original dish included some mashed potatoes and some roasted baby potatoes but I skipped them.

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