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Hello everyone! Diwali is right around the corner and my days couldn’t be more exciting. I love Diwali. It is, in fact, my favorite festival. Last year, when I celebrated my first Diwali away from home, I was missing home so badly. I still do but I have kind of accepted the fact that this is how festivals would be and I have to make the most of what the universe has bestowed upon me n my husband! So, this year I decided to do something special which I will reveal to everyone very soon. Today, however, as you may have noticed from the post title, I am sharing my Day 9 of Project 365.

This photograph was taken by me on our recent trip to Ohiopyle to see and enjoy the fall colors. This particular waterfall is called as ‘Cucumber Falls’. I have no clue why anyone would name a waterfall that! Anyway, I hope you like this photo.

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