Day 4 and 5 – Key West and Miami

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Hey everyone! We have finally reached the last two days of my trip. This post would be covering my 4th day starting with my drive back from Key West to Miami and then on the next day from Miami back to home!

keywest day 4-2

If you have read my last post, you would probably remember that one of the first things I mentioned about Key West was that it is the southernmost point of the state and lies only about 90 miles from Cuba. So our last day in Key West started on a lazy note. We checked out from our hotel and headed straight to the tourist attraction which is literally the southernmost point of the state. On this spot, you can get your picture clicked with the milestone in the background which reads ‘southernmost point, continent of USA’.

Now I did my research and found out that this is not really ‘the southernmost point of USA’, but is in fact the southernmost accessible-to-general-public point of USA. The areas or parts of land beyond this point are basically navy acquired and are not accessible to public. If you do plan to get some pictures clicked right in front of the milestone, you might want to start a little early from wherever you are and be prepared to stand in long queues. We, however, decided to skip the queue and got our picture clicked a little farther from the milestone, which was equally good! Between wasting our time in a queue and clicking our picture 2 steps farther, we chose the latter!

keywest day 4-5

From there, we started our drive back to Miami. Another beautiful day with another wonderful ride. Like I mentioned in my last post, there are numerous food joints off the freeway and we decided to stop over for lunch at one of these. Needless to say, we ordered seafood which was unbelievably delicious. By far the best sea food I have ever had! Not to mention, the mind blowing view of the sea from our table!

keywest day 4-1On reaching Miami, we had our reservations at Hilton Garden Inn. The property is on the South Beach and was very well maintained. My suggestion to you would be to always choose known hotel brands rather than the otherwise long list of hotels that you may find on the South Beach. It is always better to be in known hands! After checking in, we again went back to the beach which was just a block away from our hotel. After spending a couple of hours there, we found an Indian restaurant called ZAIKA and had the better sense to make reservations ahead of time. This turned to be a boon because when we reached there, we saw huge crowds of people waiting to be seated. We, however, did not have to wait for more than 15 minutes, thanks to the forward thinking my husband showed! As they say, you can guess the quality of food at a restaurant by looking at the crowds of people waiting outside. True in this case also. The food was amazing. True Indian flavors! Also, as they say, you can take a desi out of India but you can never take India out of the desi!

We reached our hotel pretty late and after a couple of episodes of ‘Forensic Files’, we dozed off quickly and peacefully!

keywest day 4-4

keywest day 4-3

The next day was our last day in Miami. We started off by having breakfast in the hotel. Packed our stuff and with a couple of beach towels from the hotel, we headed to the beach one last time! The weather this day was particularly hot, but we still stocked up on a couple of water bottles and sat on our chairs under an umbrella. We sat at the beach for about 2 hours before heading to IHOP for our last meal in Miami.

So this was how my wonderfully serene, relaxing, peaceful and totally unwinding birthday celebration/ trip came to an end. This will forever be etched in my heart as one of the best surprises I have ever received on my birthday!

I hope I was able to describe my journey in as fun a way as it was for me! I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts. I would love to have some feedback from you! Also do share with me your experiences if you have ever visited Miami yourself!

Till next time..Enjoy!

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