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Hello everyone! I have been so busy shopping these past few days that I missed posting on my much loved space! Can you believe that?! I cant either. Mainly because it is a total lie. I have not been shopping and have wasted the past few days doing practically nothing! I did eat a lot of food though and the ‘shopping’ was just a silly excuse. Well I did buy a Macbook Air this Black Friday. And a cute dungaree and some other clothes! But that does not count as an excuse for not posting. Well today I am here to share Day 14 of my Project 365, which I am trying hard to hold on to. I post seldom but I plan to keep at it. And one day, I am sure I will reach my goal.

So in this picture, you see here is the last few days of color of Fall. Very soon, within a few days, all these colors will fade and we would be left with dry brown dull skeletons of trees. The world will soon become gray and white. A little too dramatic! But I hope you get the gist.

This tree stands outside my balcony and I just love how the colors pop even more at the time of sunset.

I hope you liked this photo. Click here to see all my photos under Project 365.

Till next time…

XO, Sakshi!

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