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Hello everyone! Today is Friday and Friday is almost my favorite day of the week. Mainly because the weekend practically starts today and also because I get to find out and write about my favorite foods on this day! Today’s hero is Dahi or Yogurt, also called as Curd. Not only is this loaded with immense health benefits, it is a versatile dish and has multiple uses, even outside the kitchen.



Dahi is a very simple dish that is forever and always available in an Indian kitchen. Well, I am not even sure if it is justified to even call it a ‘dish’. It is so versatile that it has a wide range of usage in the kitchen. It can be used as an ingredient while cooking some dishes, can be used as a side dish on its own or can be made into salads and raitas. You can choose whichever way you want to incorporate it into your diet. If you ask me, there are very few things as refreshing as a bowl of dahi on a hot day. Be it summers or winters, I remember seeing a big bowl of dahi always in the fridge which my mom used to make every other night.

My mom has been making dahi herself and does so even to this day. I learnt how to do that from her. It is a very simple process and requires only 2 ingredients – milk and a starter. If you don’t fancy making it at home, you can very easily buy some from your local grocery stores whichever part of the world you live in. The number of dishes that you can make with dahi are endless. Curd rice, kadhi, raitas, salads, lassi, dahi bhalla, buttermilk to name a few.




What it does to your body

Coming to the benefits of dahi, the list is going to be really very long but I would still try.

  • It contains fat, protein, cholesterol along with Vitamins A, D B12, Calcium and Magnesium. Dahi is one of the richest sources of calcium.
  • Good for digestion – The nutrients present in dahi are easily absorbed by the alimentary canal which in turn helps in maintaining the PH level of the digestive system.
  • Helps in losing weight – The high percentage of calcium prevents cortisol formation in the body. Cortisol imbalance leads to many lifestyle related disorders such as hypertension and obesity. So consumption of dahi would help you maintain optimum cortisol levels.
  • This would also help in maintaining your heart health.
  • It contains minerals like zinc, phosphorus and Vitamin E which helps in enhancing skin health.
  • Lactic acid in curd helps fight against dandruff.
  • Since the lactose of milk is converted to lactic acid in dahi, it is suitable for comsumption by lactose intolerant people.

So, I hope this post was beneficial for some of you. If nothing else, I hope I am able to motivate you to have atleast one bowl of dahi everyday. It has worked for me. Made my skin better, digestive system better. Try it for a few days and I am sure you will also notice the difference in your general well being!

Till next time…


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