Compliment each other – Save humanity!

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Hello everyone! So, I bumped into a wall today. Not literally though! Figuratively. I had planned on posting a recipe today but when I got down to penning it down, I felt like I was banging my head somewhere. I wasted about 2 hours and came out tired, frustrated and with ‘zilch’ on the paper. Today didn’t seem like a ‘recipe’ kind of day. I have something else to say today. Something to share. But first I want you to think, how important are compliments to you? Have you ever REALLY acknowledged the impact of a compliment? How do you feel when someone compliments you about something? I am going to share my views about the act of complementing each other.


I have always been a very vocal and expressive person. Always got good grades in school, especially the languages. So in a way, I guess that encouraged me to write more and more. I even started writing diary! My point is, I have never shied away from saying what I want to say. Being good in vocabulary did give me added confidence along with the ability to modify my sentences quickly as and when I needed to.

Why Compliment someone?

I guess I belonged to the group of people who wanted to make a difference in the world. But I never knew where to begin and how to go about it. Now combine this desire to make a change with me being an expressive person. Maybe it was epiphany, I realized that in order to do something good for mankind, to make a contribution in making this world a better place to live in, I would have to start with myself. I would have to take one step at a time and begin by trying to bring a smile on someone’s face. If I could make one person’s day happier, even in the minutest way, I would consider myself successful.

I began living like that and saw the change and immediate results very early on! And then, there was no looking back. I know some of you may be thinking that these are just things that people say and are nothing more than clichés. Well, my words may seem preachy, but this is how I live. The people who know me, know that this is how I have lived my life till now. And I would like to think that I have reached a pretty good place myself, living the life that I live, following the rules I follow. Through this, if I am able to convince even one person to be more open about complimenting someone when they deserve it, I would consider myself really happy!

What’s there to lose?

A few kind words never hurt anybody. The only reaction a compliment can evoke is happiness, however momentary. It never made anyone sad! Did it?! What I have observed is that people do notice good things about other people but they never give enough importance to telling them that they did well. What I am trying to do here is make people realize that a small compliment has the power to bring a smile to someone’s face. And that to me is immense power! A simple ‘You look good today’, or a ‘I love your new hair colour’, or ‘You are a good human being’ would be enough to give that person atleast one minute of ‘feeling good’, if not more! You never know, you may play a role in uplifting the mood of a sad person. Who knows!

So, try to compliment people. Try to be genuine. Try to make them feel good. It costs no money and very little energy, but that is energy well spent! I strive to become a better person every day and I urge you to take a moment and give this a thought too. The next time you see something nice, compliment the person. It is nothing but a win-win for everyone!

I hope you will remember this and remember me when someone compliments you the next time. If you do, do let me know! I would love to know your experiences in this context!

Till next time…

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