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Yello everyone! If you have been following me on Instagram or if you happened to see my previous post on my Facebook page, you would know that recently I made a wall hanging piece of decor for my home. What is special about this DIY Wall Decor is that it is super cheap and very very easy to do it yourself. You have to believe me when I say it is super easy. You don’t even need too many tools to get it done! All you need are your hands and 3 other things. And about 10 minutes of your ‘absolutely-not-hard’ labor. I mean it.

Actually, I had made this about a year back but during all the moving and packing-unpacking, one of the bottles broke. So I was making it again and I thought I should share this simple DIY with all of my readers too. So here it is!

Most of you who know me would know that I am not a very artsy or creative person. I don’t do ‘DIYs’. I have never been the girl who would make scrapbooks or birthday greeting cards or any other form of crafts. And I am telling you all this because I want you to know how ridiculously easy this DIY is. I made it and therefore I believe ANYONE can make this.

diy wall decor


Now as I mentioned earlier, it takes only 3 ‘ingredients’. You are going to need some (4) glass bottles or any containers you feel like using and some twine or rope or ribbons, if you like! And a pair of scissors.

That’s it!

These bottles, I bought from the dollar store here and cost me a dollar each. The twine was also bought from the dollar store and came in a pack of three. If you live in India, you can get all of these pretty easily. Mostly, such items can be found laying around in the house anyway. So, just find a nice little corner on one of your favorite walls and get looking for the ‘ingredients’ to make your own creation!


  • 4 Bottles
  • twine/rope
  • scissors
  • a bunch of fake or real flowers (optional)


  1. Tie one end of the twine to a nail or screw which you would want to hang this from.
  2. Leave about 5 cm of twine and wrap the twine around the neck of the first bottle. Wrap it a couple of times and then secure wit with a knot.
  3. Leave the twine alone for a bottle’s length and then repeat step 2 as mentioned above on the second bottle.
  4. Repeat this for the rest of the bottles.
  5. Screw the nail or the screw into the wall and put the flowers in each of the bottles.
  6. Done!

The best part about this is that you can customise it. You can choose whichever color bottles you want to. You can even paint clear bottles and make your own patterns. You can choose any number of bottles you want, just make sure that the twine is strong enough to hold the weight.

Let your imagination run! Create your own work of art!

And remember, if I could do it, so can you.

Till next time,

XO, Sakshi!

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