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Hello everyone! The last time I posted here was exactly two months back! Phew. It is almost exhilarating to think that I actually stayed away from my blog for such a long time. I want to feel sorry about it but in all honesty, I am so not sorry! I had the best time these two months. As evident from the title of the post, I recently attended my best friends wedding in India. Let me tell you that my chances of going to India to attend her wedding seemed very unlikely. Me and her, both of us had our fingers crossed since the last few months and prayed with all our might that somehow some miracle comes our way such that I am able to go to India. As they say, when you want something with all your might, the universe conspires to make your wish come true. That is exactly what happened with us! In the midst of some impossibilities, I was fortunate to be able to enjoy the most eventful time during my best friends wedding.

In practicality, I knew it would be impossible for me to travel at this time because of a lot of stuff happening with us here in the States. My husband was to switch offices and thus we had to move to a new city. But things were just not getting settled and we had no details as to the confirmed date of the move. But even in the middle of all this confusion (read: the most stressful time!), I never let myself believe that I would not be able to go to India. I totally believed that things will work out just fine and we would all have a happy ending. Even the thought of missing her wedding seemed unbearable to me.

Even to this day, when I think about the alternate possibility of me missing her wedding, even before I complete one sentence in my head, tears are already running down my cheeks! That’s how much I dreaded it. But I never let anyone or even my own brain think forward. I had to go and I gave the universe no chance to plan otherwise. So you can say it was a pretty emotional subject for me.

I have been chattering on and on about my best friend and her wedding but I still haven’t mentioned that her name is Ritu Rajput and she is the famous Beauty and Makeup Blogger at .

So here are some glimpses of what fun we had during the week long celebrations. Here is a warning though! The pictures have been taken from a phone camera, so they are not very clear. So pardon the quality of the pictures! I hope you have fun watching!


Here is the how I did my hair on her engagement ceremony. Check out my post on my Instagram page also.

And…my favorite picture of the lot!



See you all soon with some more!

Till next time,

XO, Sakshi.

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