Best Decorating Tips/ Nozzles from Wilton

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Hello everyone! It is not a secret anymore among my friends that I love baking and everything that comes with it! Cakes that taste great and look beautiful have very quickly become my point of interest. So today, I am going to talk about my favorite tips from Wilton. Some of these I already own and some are on my shopping list this month!

Quite honestly, my interest in baking was actually limited to only the ‘bake’-ing part of it. It began with trying to bake cakes in a microwave convection mode when I tried my first chocolate chip vanilla cake. Now, I have graduated to baking more ‘serious’ looking cakes such as the layered cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes! But out of all this, what really excites me now is how I would decorate the cake.

For decorating also, at first I tried decorating generically. I remember the first cake I baked after marriage, I covered it with whipped cream and then decorated it with chocolate chips. Then I decided to invest in some decorating tips and tried my hand at that. To my relief, it was not as difficult as I thought it would be! In fact it was very easy.

I can now boast of having at least a couple of baking equipment along with tools that constitute my baking collection. Of course, I am still learning and collecting information and newer ways to decorate my cakes better. So, below are some of the tips that I feel are one of the best and should be included in everyone’s baking kit.

  1. Tip 2D – closed star tip
  2. Tip 16 – open star tip small
  3. Tip 32 – open star tip big
  4. Tip 2A – small round
  5. Tip 1A – big round, perfect for cupcakes
budday cake-1
Tip 32 and Tip 16
Tip 2D

Do you like decorating your cupcakes? Which are your favorite tips?

Do share with me!

Till next time..

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