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Hello everyone! Another very busy weekend has come to an end. After 4 days of eating out (dinner), finally yesterday we had the pleasure of eating home cooked dinner while watching ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ on YouTube. If you grew up in India in the 90’s, you would know what I am talking about. If not, check it out here and here. Coming back to that food, it has been hanging like a ‘guilt’ card in front of my eyes all along! So I have been hitting the gym since yesterday to burn all those extra calories. And today I am here to talk about how a beginner like me can make the most out of their workout and time in the gym.

Here it goes!

  1. Keep yourself hydrated! – This is probably the most important tip anyone will ever give you. You may have heard this a million times but don’t take this lightly. It very important to drink water before and after a workout. Being dehydrated makes you lethargic, which in turn would demotivate you from going to the gym again. Take small sips of water in between your workout as well.
  2. No makeup – I have seen people wearing full on makeup while gyming here in the US. While I am not here to judge anyone, wearing makeup can clog your pores while working out and  can prevent your skin from breathing while you work out. This can lead to skin breakouts. Not good! So, wear a good moisturizer and some sunscreen if needed, and you are good to go! Your skin will feel visibly healthier after a couple of workouts. Trust me!
  3. Proper clothing – Wearing fitted workout clothes is of utmost importance for a good and effective workout. I understand why some people would want to wear loose and ill fitted clothes to hide their bodies while working out, but these kind of clothes not only pose a threat to your safety (getting stuck in machines and tripping over) but also interfere with proper body movement. Proper clothing also includes a well fitted sports bra and some cotton undergarments.
  4. Deodorant! – Needs no explanation!! Make sure you wear enough of it before and after you hit the gym. People around you will thank you! Never forget deodorant. Keep one in your car or gym bag for times when you do forget.
  5. Hair – Keeping your hair away from your face, especially your eyes is super important. I have long curly hair. So for me, a bun or a pony tail with my bangs pinned back is the only way to go for me.


Find a gym or workout that suits you. I remember joining multiple gyms in the past that I did not enjoy. Either there were too many people around or the ambience was just not right. Somehow I ended up not going to the gym. Luckily, I have found a gym which works for me! I go at a time when there are not many people there and I can have the pleasure of enjoying my workout mostly alone! Find what works for you and stick to it! Also, give your mind and body some time to get used to it before thinking about quitting!

workout tips

So those were my suggestions to you. These are the rules/ commandments that I follow. The most important thing is to enjoy your workout. If you don’t, then sooner or later, you will start finding excuses to not go. Stick to it for at least a month and I guarantee, you will feel good about it! Give it some time!

Till next time..

XO, Sakshi!

P.S: Pic credits play.google.com and blognology.com

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