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Hello everyone! I know that most of you reading this probably know me already. But for those who don’t, this post is for them! The other day, I was in one of my jumpy (in a good energetic way) moods and I decided to write down some of the weird, quirky characteristics about me. These, I am sure, most of you don’t know. So read on to know some fun yet random facts about me!

facts about me

20 Facts about SAKSHI!

  1. Singing is one of my passions. Apart from food, singing is what elevates my mood instantly.
  2. I am very sensitive to aromas. By sensitive, I mean I respond to all kinds of aromas. For example, the moment I ‘spot’ a new fragrance, my mind immediately starts relating that smell to a memory. I am usually the one to ‘spot’ any kind of good or bad smells!
  3. I love to dance but only when no one is watching!
  4. I am a very shy person when it comes to public attention! I cannot for the life of me, perform on stage, for anything!
  5. I did not eat cakes, chocolates, aloo paratha and kheer till the age of 12 years. I don’t really know why! I guess it had something to do with my ‘not-so-sweet-tooth’ or textures.
  6. I have a special spot in my heart for momos. My friends used to tease me that someone someday will kidnap me by enticing me with momos, just like JERRY (from Tom & Jerry) floats after the smell of cheese.
  7. I love Hindi movies. I am a total movie buff! When I was in India, I watched all (ALL) movies. Now, only a few selected movies are released here, so I am not able to fulfil my desires as much.
  8. I love wearing sarees.
  9. I love dogs. To the extent of preferring dogs to humans any single day! So much so that I HAVE  to say ‘hi’ to each dog I cross paths with. Literally!
  10. I laugh the loudest on PJs. Yes, blame it on me! I am always the one person in the group who kind of encourages the ‘poor-joke-crackers’. Guilty, as charged!
  11. I have had a girl crush on Malaika Arora for the longest time. I totally believe that she is the most effortlessly hot woman I have ever seen.
  12. My specs are a part of my personality now. I cannot and do not feel comfortable when I appear in public without them. My mom scolds me each time for this. But I can’t explain my need for them. Maybe I like hiding behind them more than I should.
  13. I have curly hair. I used to hate them in my growing up years and had no idea how to manage/style them. They looked more like a worn out paint brush/ broom. But I have grown to love them absolutely!
  14. Yellow is my favorite color. Something about yellow peps me up instantly.
  15. I studied physiotherapy, also called physical therapy in college. I am a physiotherapist but stopped working in a clinical setting a long time back. Though I have worked in hospitals for a long time.
  16. My friend Surabhi tells me, and I quote “You tell the truth the way it is. Not blunt. But like a sharp knife. “. Well I guess that is a compliment. And I don’t intend to change that anytime soon.
  17. I believe I have a very unique sense of humor.  I cannot understand sarcasm. And mostly, I make a fool out of myself if someone says anything even remotely sarcastic!
  18. Presentation is important to me. In terms of food. Food being tasty is a prerequisite, but for me, the food should smell and look enticing too. You can say, I eat with my eyes and all of my senses!
  19. I love tattoos. I have 4 of them right now. And a fifth one is about to happen soon!
  20. I am directionally challenged. I cannot, for the life of me, remember which way I came from and which way I have to go back! This subject is quite often a matter of  amusement for my husband!

So, these are the 20 fun facts that I could think of about me that most people don’t know.

I hope you had fun reading these. If I missed out on any, please feel free to comment and let me know!

Till next time,

XO, Sakshi!

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